What time do I put on my wedding invitation?

Blackline Bottege 2 - What time do I put on my wedding invitation?

Putting a time on your wedding invitation sounds super simple, doesn’t it? Let’s be honest it’s not the most challenging part of planning your Byron Bay wedding experience, however, it’s something worth getting right!

As a Byron Bay wedding celebrant, I’ve seen guests arrive super early and cutting it fine too. OK, late for the ceremony. This can cause a bit of stress as no one wants to be late, and you are about to start an epic moment in your life. It can be a little off-putting if guests are arriving late.

A lot of Byron Bay weddings take place at venues where guests arrive by bus. This is simple, arrive at the pick-up point at a certain time and they will be whisked away. Where this gets a little trickier is when the invitation says 3 pm. This leaves a grey area of interpretation for your guests.

Are they welcomed from 3 pm, or does it mean the ceremony starts at 3 pm?

As a Byron Bay marriage celebrant, I know you don’t want to see guests trying to outrun/walk past you. As you are walking down the aisle. Not the best look in your photos. With this in mind make it clear and simple. e.g  You are welcomed from 2.30 pm with the ceremony commencing at 3 pm.
If you have are having pre-ceremony drinks, let your guests know. Most people like to know what they are walking into.

Keeping the time of your ceremony clear and simple, it’s just an easy hack to ensure your ceremony and day start off on the right foot.

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