The 5 reasons you didn’t know why you need me, as your professional MC

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Having a wedding in Byron Bay can be a big deal, there is so much to organise. It’s stressful, and it’s probably your first time around too.
The ”keep it simple” rule applies. Get the right people supporting you, that have your back. Then you can take a breath and actually “enjoy your wedding”. If you’re going to the trouble of bringing everyone to Byron Bay, for your wedding, make sure your MC can nail it.

1-Take away the hassle.

Do you really want to go though your whole wedding reception, worried your MC is going to drop a story about you running round the backyard when you were 4, in your undies? Or worse, someone armed with a microphone, and just not knowing when to shut up? You just don’t need the hassle. Drop your uncle from the job!

2- Don’t put the burden on one of your friends?

Your friends and family are there to celebrate with you, after all, this is a pretty important day. They’re not there to get lumped into a job. Sure, they might be excited about it, but does that mean they’re going to nail it? Your MC needs to have their finger on the pulse. There are a lot of moving parts, like coordinating between the caters, speakers, photographer, videography, DJ/Band and, of course, the guests, to ensure things appear seamless; all the while making sure your “run sheet” goes to plan, so you have time to party.

3- Microphone and drinking, it just might not end well….

It’s true, inside our own minds when we drink, we become at least 300% funnier, “apparently”. However, this is not always matched in the real world. By calling in a pro, you can kiss goodbye to this worry.

4-You invited everyone to have a great time!

Follow though! Make sure your Nana and your best mate can all have a good time. Your MC should make your night look effortless. They’re a “friend” to help keep everyone on track.

5-Moments don’t just happen, they are created.

It’s so important your MC and DJ come together. One of the things I love is collaborating with a DJ to help create highs in the evening. Music is an awesome tool to lift the energy. This can really break up the speeches and that’s when the magic happens! One of my favourite partners in crime is DJ Dan from Party Liaison.

MC-ing is not just about being your “friend” on the night, it’s in the planning and the lead-up. All the things a pro can help guide you in the right direction. Go on, make it the best night ever!

Image credit to the talented Bird and Boy Photography