Light at the end of the COVID wedding tunnel

Wedding Road Map

Scomo has given us the road map and Gladys has shown us the green light!

Weddings are coming back in to more of what we know and love. Yay!

So for this male celebrant in Byron Bay, there might just be a little more love in the air to celebrate.

The PM is aiming to ease restrictions in three steps and hopes we can all be at the last step in July.

So from this Friday weddings will be able to increase up to 10 guests. This is in addition to the couple and the marriage celebrant.

Then at stage two increasing to 20 guest and then more of the end goal being step three, where gatherings of 100 will be allowed.

Importantly, in all these steps, we still need to practise good hygiene, physical distancing and continued ‘testing, tracing and trapping, of COVID-19.

The key here is to remember that states and territories all move at their own pace. So as long as we all play our part, wedding dreams can still happen, or at least move to a new workable kind of normal.

As I am sure you are aware things can move very fast in this space, for the latest updates you can visit