I only do it once a day

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As a marriage celebrant I choose to only perform one wedding ceremony a day. Why only once, when I could do it more, you ask? Simply because, for me, I’m passionate about what I do on so many different levels. So I give it a lot, and that takes a lot of energy.

From the outside, being a marriage celebrant may seem like an easy half-hour gig. However for this Byron Bay celebrant there’s a lot that goes on behind the scenes. This is a big day and there can be a lot of emotions! There’s been an incredible build up to this moment. That’s part of the reason why I offer my couples a meditation the day before their ceremony. Just a quick, relaxed, connect and ground to calm the mind.

I want to allow you as a couple to feel relaxed and safe in a space we create together. So you can walk up the aisle in a calm and relaxed frame of mind.

Part of my role during your wedding ceremony is to invite your family and friends to be part of something. With you, I bring the energy to connect and engage with your family and friends so they feel part of something special. A celebrant helps bring out the joy and laughs in those wonderful warm moments. They slow things right down, to allow those heartfelt moments to touch and connect with raw emotion. They strike the balance to bring everyone in close for those intimate moments.

Striking a balance between being charismatic and engaging to sensitive and heartfelt takes emotional intelligence and awareness.

While all this is going on there’s also a legal aspect to cover during the ceremony. I haven’t even mentioned the planning journey we’ve been on to get to this point.

So with all of this in mind, that’s why this Byron Bay celebrant only does it once a day. To give you my best!