When should I book you?

The short answer, ASAP. Once you have locked in your venue generally the photographer and celebrant are next.

How soon can we get married?

Legally you can get married within 31 days of completing the Notice of Intended Marriage. As your celebrant I’m required to have the document in my hands one month and one day before your ceremony.

What do I need for ID?

Passports work best, otherwise your birth certificate with a form of photo ID e.g A drivers licence, proof of age ID or passport.

Should we write our own vows?

Absolutely –  the vows are one of the highlights of the ceremony! They’re an expression of you and your relationship. If you need help writing your vows, I’m here to help you.

How long should the ceremony take?

Ceremonies under 30 minutes are ideal; any longer and people start to zone out. But really, it’s not about time, it’s about being engaging and real.

Do I need witnesses?

Yes; your witnesses must include two people over the age of 18 who can understand the ceremony. If you’re eloping we can use a couple of passers-by and/or your photographer.

How do I chose the right celebrant?

Trust your gut. Look for someone who you feel comfortable with, has experience, emotional intelligence, and someone who is organised.

Can I have a surprise wedding?

You can for your guests, but not for your intended spouse. The relevant paper work needs to be completed a month in advance to legally get married in Australia.

Are there any extras that I need to purchase or hire on your behalf? Do you need a microphone etc?

No you don’t; I come ready with all of my own equipment. I have a high quality Bose PA speaker and wireless microphone ensuring the crowd can hear me.

Can we play our music on your PA.

Yes, during the ceremony you can connect via Bluetooth, 3.5 mm jack or an Iphone jack.

How many weddings do you do in a day?

Only one! I’m there for you – relaxed and focused – ready to deliver the ceremony you’ve dreamed of.